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Bovi Product Disclaimer & Care Instructions


Laundry – Nearly all BOVI items may be machine washed.  BOVI recommends a primary wash prior to using their products.  Please follow washing instructions on label of products.

Detergent - Avoid detergents with added bleach and/or whitening properties. 

Shrinkage - Slight shrinkage may occur as fabrics are made using natural fibres.  This will stabilize after first wash.

Machine Washing – Remove from washing machine once wash cycle has concluded.  When washing delicate items with embroidery, turn items inside out.

Washing Machine Spin Cycle – Avoid using high spin cycle.  BOVI suggests low to medium levels, making pressing much easier.

Separate Laundry – Always wash separately or with similar colours and fibre content.

Drying – Gently shake each item prior to hanging for drying.  Avoid dryers if possible or use on cool to medium settings and remove once cycled has concluded.

Ironing – Iron embroidered items inside out.  Always follow instructions on label

Temperatures – Always use cold or warm water temperatures. 

Physical Contact – Keep in mind that some skin and hair products contain oxidants which may have an effect on colours of your chosen bedding.